Hello! Thank you for using my theme! Remember to not touch the theme credit.

This is meant to be turned off as soon as you fix your music player. Just unselect it in the options.

If you don't want a music player, just skip these instructions. Make sure you have the right music player type selected.


  1. STEP ONE: copypaste "flash-mp3-player.net/players/multi/generator/" into your address bar in a new tab
  2. STEP TWO: on the general options page, set the width and the height as well as if you want the player to loop, shuffle, autoplay (not recommended).
    • WIDTH: 140
    • HEIGHT: 20
  3. STEP THREE: gather the URLs of the mp3 files you'd like to use. i personally use dropbox for my mp3s. the url should look like this:
    • https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/197613351/sound%20of%20silence.mp3
    i dont really care if you use that one or not but make SURE it ends in .mp3, and then put a "|" (shift + backslash) after it. its to separate the files. it HAS to be a | or it won't recognize it
  4. STEP FOUR: click the dropdown menu and select buttons of the player bar. turn off the slider, turn on the volume
  5. STEP FIVE: click the dropdown menu again and select playlist. turn the playlist off
  6. STEP SIX: click again on the dropdown menu and click colors. you can change these colors to whatever you'd like, even though you wouldn't need the slider color options. make sure NOT to include the #.
  7. STEP SEVEN: paste your code into the music player code text option and save. you're done! you can turn this off now.


  1. STEP ONE: copypaste "sheepproductions.com/billy" into your address bar (beware: autoplay)
  2. STEP TWO: pick 5 songs and get the URL for their mp3 files. i usually use dropbox but kiwi6 is also good
  3. STEP THREE: paste the URLs into the boxes (and preferably uncheck autoplay, but its not required.)
  4. STEP FOUR: click the generate code button (again, autoplay warning), and copypaste the code into the music player code text field labeled "music box".
  5. click save and you're done! congrats you can turn this off now

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